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White Christmas Set

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White Christmas Set

Embrace the joy of the season with YUKIMI's Holiday Value Sets, designed to shower your cherished companion with the utmost care. Elevate your pet's festive experience with our thoughtfully curated collection, where each item is a testament to love and pampering.

Immerse your furry friend in luxury with our White Christmas Set, featuring:

  1. Amino Acid Pet Shampoo 8.5 fl oz:
    Treat your pet to a gentle cleansing experience, leaving their fur soft and radiant.
  2. Amino Acid Paw Cleanser (choose between Heart-Shaped or Egg-Shaped):
    Nourish and protect those precious paws with our uniquely formulated cleanser, available in adorable shapes.
  3. Cream-Dyed Tote:
    Carry your pet's essentials in style with our chic tote, designed to complement your aesthetic.

Indulge your pet with the perfect blend of gentle care and festive flair. YUKIMI's Holiday Value Sets ensure that your furry friend not only looks but also feels their absolute best during this season of love and celebration.

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Product Information

  • All products are designed and undergo research & development in collaboration with veterinary dermatologists in California. The bottle filling process is commissioned at a sterile laboratory in Taiwan.
  • Globally sourced premium ingredients from Japan, France, Germany and USA.

YUKIMI's Pledge

We donate to help animals in need with every bottle sold.

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